ДУШАНБЕ, 01.02.2020 /НИАТ «Ховар»/. Пресс-центр Генеральной прокуратуры Республики Таджикистан сообщает, что гражданин Республики Таджикистан Шарипов Далерджон Абдуманнонович, 1988 г.р., уроженец и житель селения Ниёгон сельского джамоата Бурунов города Вахдат, таджик, образование высшее, в период 2013-2019 годов публиковал более 200 статей и заметок экстремистского содержания, направленных на разжигание религиозной нетерпимости



ДУШАНБЕ, 01.02.2020 /АМИТ «Ховар»/. Маркази матбуоти Прокуратураи генералии Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон хабар медиҳад, ки шаҳрванди Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон Шарипов Далерҷон Абдуманнонович, соли таваллудаш 1988, зода ва истиқоматкунандаи деҳаи Ниёгони ҷамоати деҳоти Бурунови шаҳри Ваҳдат, миллаташ тоҷик, маълумоташ олӣ, дар давоми солҳои 2013-2019 зиёда аз 200 матлабу мақолаҳои дорои мазмуну муҳтавои экстремистиро нашр намудааст



DUSHANBE, 15.01.2020. (NIAT Khovar) – The Chief of Directorate of National Security (DNS) of Afghanistan Ahmad Zia Siraj visited Tajikistan from January 14 through January 15.


While on his visit, Siraj met with the Chairman of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) of Tajikistan Saimumin Yatimov.

The meeting focused on the issues relating to the enhancing effective bilateral cooperation in ensuring regional security, peace and stability in neighboring Afghanistan, joint fight against international terrorism, border protection, preventing drug trafficking and other important issues.

The Afghan side, which is at the forefront of the fight against terrorism and extremism, has stated that it will strengthen fruitful cooperation with Tajik military and security bodies in the interest of both states and the region in the face of new geopolitical, real and potential threats.

“The territory of Afghanistan, with the intervention of certain international forces, was turned into a war zone, which poses a threat to the neighboring countries,” the parties expressed their concern.

In connection with the occurred situation, it was noted a direct threat of international terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, the Islamic Renaissance Party, Ansarullah, Islamic Movement of Eastern Turkestan, Islamic Movement of Turkestan and others.

The Tajik side expressed its gratitude to the Afghan DNS for the disclosure and merciless fight against terrorist groups, which had been trained and instructed to carry out terrorist acts in Tajikistan.

The two parties also reaffirmed their commitment to further deepen cooperation to ensure the security of the Tajik-Afghan border in the areas of combating terrorism, extremism, arms and drugs trafficking.

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere and mutual understanding, which will contribute to the further development of partnership relations in the current and future conditions.

Following the meeting, Siraj expressed satisfaction with the results of his visit to Tajikistan and invited Yatimov to visit Afghanistan at a convenient time. The invitation was accepted.

ДУШАНБЕ, 15.01.2020 /НИАТ «Ховар»/. 14-15 января 2020 года состоялась рабочая поездка Председателя Главного управления национальной безопасности Афганистана Ахмада Зиё Сироджа и высокопоставленной делегации этой службы в Таджикистан.

В ходе поездки состоялась его встреча с Председателем Государственного комитета национальной безопасности Республики Таджикистан Саймумином Ятимовым.




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